About Photo-Searcher.com

I am a journalist and a Photo Editor passionate, although the latter by accident.

My name is Sara Ocón and I was born in the Canary Islands at the end of the 70s. The film with the photo I took with Rafa Pascual, my volleyball idol back in 1992, was veiled. Perhaps that was the sign that my future was not in being a photographer or a professional volley player, despite having always been in love with both disciplines.

When I was about to turn 18, I landed at the door of the Faculty of Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid. My folder was lined with some photos of Annie Leibovitz published in El País Semanal but originally made for Vanity Fair (which at the time was only published in the US). That sign for my professional future looked better.

With the title of Journalist under my arm, I participated in the launching of The guide to Internet content, a magazine prior to the boom Google's and where my love affair with the digital world began.

Then I worked as editor-in-chief, producer and photography assistant at a publishing house specializing in travel magazines where I also had to find the images to illustrate the news and stories pages. Although we won the ARI Award for the best specialized magazine in 2002 with Honeymoons and other trips for two, we had almost no budget. More out of ignorance than out of vandalism, we committed a copyright infringement accompanied by the corresponding claim for payment of royalties. And this was the way I discovered this beautiful profession, to which I decided to dedicate myself and in which I began to train myself to continue searching and discovering the best images of the best photographers and archives in the world. And to make sure that I would never receive a copyright infringement claim again.

Since then I have worked as a photo editor in some of the most important magazines and websites in Spain. I started in the men's magazine Maximthen I went through the QUO magazine and website (science magazine) QUOIn 2007, my college dream came true when I was hired to be part of the team that was to launch the Spanish edition of the magazine Vanity Fair, published by Condé Nast.

At Condé Nast, in addition to searching for and managing photos for Vanity Fair and later also for VOGUEI have continued to create content and tell stories about travel, fashion and lifestyle, although my favorites are the "stories behind a photograph" such as this.

With the hangover and the changes caused by the pandemic, and with some companies backtracking on the benefits of teleworking, I am currently a freelance photo editor and journalist from an office with a view in a town close to Seville. I'm not posting a photo of my office so as not to make you envious. But I can find you the perfect photo to tell your story.


Write me and tell me what kind of image you need or what visual project I can help you with.

Thank you!